Thursday, June 11, 2009

Once Around the Block

June 11, 2009

Gates said it would cost $50 million to house the GITMO detainees in the US, but Obama is paying Palau $200 million to house 17 Uighurs.

Obama is trying terrorist Ahmed Ghailani in New York. Will he be released if found not guilty? Obama won't say.

Two dozen things you should know about nationalized healthcare.

Oil price leaps to year's high, $250 per barrel possible?

Wednesday, interest rates rose to the highest level in several years. Is this the beginning of a double-dip recession? (Free Financial Times subscription required.)

And the Academy Award goes to...

What grade would you give Obama in history? Victor David Hanson provides the background.

You gotta love an article that mentions Smoot-Hawley, by George Will

Judd Gregg, the most reliable fiscal conservative in the Senate, speaks out on Pay-Go.

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