Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Once Around the Block

June 2, 2009

Obama picked up the tab for the tickets, we picked up the tab for the rest.

Don't call it 'socialism'! Let's call it Collectivism instead. Make sure you read about the typo first.

Let 'em go 12 rounds. Obama v. Gingrich

The Feds can't organize a two car funeral let alone a car company: Fannie Motors But then again, GM management can't do it either. It's only costing taxpayers about a half-million dollars per GM employee.

Life in Hellinois. The Blago vacuum cleaner sucks in Durbin, too.

A conservative Father's Day present. Do you know what it is?

Some in Congress are getting the message about Cap and Trade.

When you find a conservative in Hollywood, you should read his stuff.

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