Friday, January 29, 2010

Send a Loud and Clear Message

The voters of Massachusetts have spoken. The outcome of Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate victory is historic. Along with recent wins in New Jersey and Virginia, we are seeing a fundamental realignment of American politics. Local and nation-wide conservative activists and independent-minded citizens are uniting to tell politicians enough is enough. DuPage County candidates and elected officials need to hear the people.

Loud and clear.

American voters are moving toward common-sense conservative candidates, especially when they represent the core values of fiscal responsibility, and transparent good governance. Mainstream conservative values can win anywhere in the United States, and that includes Illinois, and that includes DuPage County. Brown’s victory is a lesson for politicians of all stripes that the days of Chicago-style politics is over.

I know we’re right.

With your money and your time, citizens are supporting conservative candidates all over the U.S. DuPage County voters should know that Republicans in DuPage County need a positive message of fiscal responsibility that resonates with the voters. Politicians must pledge to be transparent in all they do on our behalf. Republican candidates need to be strong. They need to work hard for your vote. I encourage all of you to vote in the February 2, 2010 primaries and support your local candidates.

Send your message.

Join the revolution.

For my analysis on the DuPage County Board Chairman candidates:

Debra Olson

Gary Grasso

Dan Cronin


The Factor said...

I appreciate this article for the same reason i appreciate you "here, here"-ing RIGHTforDUPAGE on the Hearld site. but.."we're right?"
who's we? and "Chicago-style politics is over."
Hello! Dan Cronin, Don Sloan, Fred know who they are...or you should. Look them up if you don't.
Finally, you wanna talk fiscal responsibility? Olson has denied TWO $2000+ raises AND her $3000 stipend for heading Public Works since elected to the Board. Those raises are paid with TAXES, period.

Cincinnatus said...

If you have an expose on some tenuous connection between Cronin/Sloan/Spitzzeri, I look forward to reading it.

$7k investment for chance at $100k job seems like a good play, especially when she is obviously so well paid in her role as President of Olson and Sons, electric (Every wonder what tax breaks she receives for a female owned business?).

The Factor said...

I'm sure she receives the same tax breaks that any other female business owner gets. So what?
"obviously so well paid" ? I don't understand what gives you that impression.
I'm certainly no accusing Mr. Cronin of any personal wrongdoing, I don't think his connections to Sloan or Spitzzeri are a secret. And I do believe it was Sloan that brought charges against the Olson campaign, and then failed to even show at the hearing. Ummm...

Anonymous said...

Any soothsaying, Cincy? I see it as follows:

Cronin-- 43%

Olson-- 32%

Grasso --14%


Cincinnatus said...

Those numbers are very similar to my intuition until last week's sex scandal involving Olson. She probably received quite a few early votes, but her support has crumbled in Wheaton, her stronghold. I'd guess Cronin about 46% right now, with Olson squeaking second place at about 26%, split the rest.

The Factor said...

I don't see that Olson's situation has anything to do with her political conduct. How about Mr. Cronin and Tom Robbins being named in the Federal investigation of Melrose Park's Don Sloan? Don Sloan was also the missing complainant at the hearing regarding Olson's contribution records.

The Factor said...

Let’s talk about conflicts. Cronin’s law partner is already a County Board member. Exactly how is THAT not a conflict – to have two business partners on the same board? Furthermore, Cronin is the County Party Chairman, also running for County Board Chairman, who used County Party resources for robo calls and letters to party faithful while running his County Board Chairman campaign. Andy McKenna has just been deemed in violation of Ethics rules for doing exactly that. Cronin ought to be censured by the County Party and resign his post as party chairman. Cincinnatus seems to like the Chicago-style political hack m.o.

The Factor said...

If you want to know why Cronin didn't publicize polls conducted last week, it's because he was losing...They were close, though. He was down by 3%.

Cincinnatus said...

I cannot find any Federal indictments of Robbins and Sloan, please provide a link so we can read about your allegation. Pretty good mud-sling there.

You site nebulous non-verified claims and you call me the hack. I have looked through the latest D-2 for Cronin. I have found at least one instance for a mailing on behalf of the County GOP that he paid for the mailing out of his personal campaign expenses. I would think that he did so, so he did not have to hear any rant (like yours) about a possible conflict of interest. Get it? He personally paid from his campaign funds for a straight-up DuPage GOP mailer.

Are the polls you quote taken before or after the exposure of Mrs. Olson's sex scandal pointed out by another commenter on this blog, the link from the comment is reproduced here:

So call me a hack if you will, but I had nothing to do with the content, timing or anything else about that story. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have typed it. I notice that since the release of that article, the Olson campaign and its supporters have become increasingly nasty toward me.

Since you claim I'm a hack, maybe you can spin that links content into something good for Olson, I will then hand the hack award back to you.

You and I can disagree with the meaning of convoluted, arcane County Board policies, but when you start call me names, the gloves come off.

For me, it ain't personal, it's politics. It's the candidate's record.

If a candidate can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you can't stand it either, join your candidate on the veranda.

Anonymous said...

"I don't see that Olson's situation has anything to do with her political conduct."

That Factor fella is a funny man; silly and not too bright-- but funny. The "situation" Factless speaks of is the troubling personal "situation" which has identified Olson as an adulteress, in at least two different yet equally disturbing instances. Olson for over one week now refuses to deny, in whole or in part, or clarify or say those were simply past mistakes. But here's the rub (excuse the pun): It's impossible to be a serious "family values" stalwart -- AS TRUMPTED BY OLSON HERSELF -- when you sexually engage others with whom you are not married.

So, Factless, that's the the point--she's a hypocrite! Now, if you don't really think that has "anything to do with her political conduct" than you are more than silly and not too bright... you are a blind Olson partisan without a shred of credibility or an once of legitimacy.

And that's the memo!

Rusty McClure said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cincy,

How about a new article suggesting ways for the putative new Chairman and respective County Board members to start using their time wisely to close any campaign wounds and get on the same page, ASAP? We already have three democrats on the County Board and it would be a shame if the Republicans continue to squabble among themselves and permit further democratic infiltration. Capice?


Cincinnatus said...

I have been gathering information for just such an article. Will start writing after 1.) The snowstorm, and 2.) I get a chance to contact Cronin's people to find out if he has plans (I am aware of his plan to run for County GOP Chairman again).

As far as other candidates, Cronin's campaign was one of the cleanest I've seen. It was his decision to not attack back when he was getting clobbered by his opponents that caused me to start blogging on this race. Notice that Grasso and Pankau were gracious enough to call Cronin on election night, one candidate failed to do so.

This should give some conservatives pause, you must research your candidates before supporting them. I always think to WFB's advice, "Support the most conservative ELECTABLE candidate. From the gitgo, I thought Cronin was the best fit for DuPage.

I think Mrs. Olson ill served the Republicans in DuPage by representing herself as something she was not. She did not even have the grace to call and congratulate Cronin. I predict Cronin will make a major outreach to DuPage Republicans, will they react like Grasso and Pankau, or Olson?

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