Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Have Clearly Lost Our Way

The Rule of Law and unambiguously defined constitutional principles dictate the actual administration of government.

Evidence of our lost freedoms is everywhere. We see local condo boards telling mothers they cannot display Service Stars for their kids serving in the military. We see municipal “preservation” boards telling homeowners what kind of shutters and paint colors they can use on their houses. State governments, county governments, regional governments, taxing authorities; endless multiple, overlapping, contradictory, levels of government; and any number of expensive, non-productive, confusing levels of bureaucracy through which you and I must slog on a given day. Lawmakers and unelected bureaucrats at all levels of official interactions are picking away at what little individual freedom we have left.

Every person in America is swimming in a deep and fetid pool of laws, codes and regulations created by individuals so arrogant they presume to know what is good for you, the individual. People who are so power hungry they will do anything to maintain their control over the agenda. And the biggest, smelliest pool, with the meanest critters is found in Washington, DC. There is no bigger threat to our freedom than the Hydra-headed monster that swims there.

I am no Constitutional scholar, and I did not even stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I can say that I see a direct assault on our way of life with more freedoms being lost on a daily basis. Hundreds of thousands of pages of US Code of Federal Regulations, tens of thousands of pages dedicated to just taxes, each word created and endorsed by special interests. Is it any wonder we are confused, mad and upset? I refuse to believe we are fighting a hopeless battle.


A political battle took place in the latter part of the 18th century. The Framers waged a great debate between those interests demanding a strong Federal government and those requiring power be devolved to states and individuals. Ratification of the Constitution was no slam-dunk. Led by famous revolutionary figures such as Patrick Henry, who worried about an imperial presidency and excessive Federal power, several states withheld their ratification vote. It wasn’t until an agreement was reached to include Madison’s Bill of Rights to the document immediately after the Constitution ratification, that several states provided their votes. Arguably, the greatest achievement of the Framers was the balance struck in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

That classic battle continues to be waged today, as competing interests and successive Legislatures and Executive Administrations fight to gather and exercise power. The election of the Democrats to Congress in 2006 accelerated the Federal Government’s grab for power as a weakened George W. Bush refused to veto legislation. Now with Barack Obama as president, we have seen the government reach into virtually every aspect of American life.

The Obama administration has interfered with the rights of states to govern themselves, and the property rights of bondholders. Through tax policies, Obama and his cohorts in Congress are redistributing hundreds of billions of dollars while racking up trillions of dollars of debt. And is the irony lost on anyone that Obama’s recent speech at the National Archives took place in front of phony copies of the founding documents of this nation while the actual documents were hidden from view?

“Americans are increasingly out of synch with the liberal Washington establishment. But what are they getting from their leaders in Washington?”

- Newt Gingrich

We are getting much more than just a stick in our eye.

Congressmen and the Obama Administration are betraying their oath of office with each new law, regulation and action enacted that restricts the right of the individual in the pursuit of our natural rights.

Our liberty and rights are the underpinnings of governance in the United States.


We are starting to see the backlash.

Tea Parties have sprouted up all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of average citizens are voicing their displeasure with their government.

The National Council for a New America was formed by prominent Republicans who have launched a nation-wide listening tour.

Several states across the country have introduced “sovereignty resolutions” to reiterate their 10th Amendment rights:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Top Conservatives on Twitter act as a social media exchange of information and ideas.

The switchboards and email in-boxes at the House, Senate and White House are awash with messages from angry constituents.

How do we unite these disparate organizations under one coherent plan to take back the government and return the power to the citizens, as the Framers intended?

Let’s unite behind the “sovereignty resolutions” and broaden that effort to have state legislators call for a Constitutional Convention. Conservatives of all stripes can unite behind such an effort. We will learn to work together with our state and Federal legislators. Even if a Convention call fails, we will send a powerful message to liberals in the Congress and the administration that we have had enough.

Update: 5/29/09 7:40 AM - Local officials stop prayer group in someone's home.

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