Monday, March 22, 2010

All the Crap that's fit to Print

Today, the New York Times compared the passage of ObamaCare to the passage of the Civil Rights Act. The Times implies that those people who protested the Democrat's heavy-handed unilateral attempt to create a new Constitutional right and to impose unconstitutional healthcare mandates on the American people to those racists that protested the efforts to guaranty the equal rights of man as defined by the Constitution to blacks and all other minorities. Only a fool or an idiot could agree. Republicans have been the primary protectors of equal rights for all, starting with Abraham Lincoln and punctuated by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It has been Democrats that pay the lip service to Civil Rights while providing actual obstacles to freedom.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a true moment of true bi-partisanship. Republicans provided, on a percentage basis, more support for the legislation which confirmed to the world that this nation, and the people within it, were serious about the statement that all men are created equal. Let's compare for a minute which party was the biggest supporter of the act.

Vote totals are in "Yea-Nay" format:

The original House version: 290-130   (69%-31%)
Cloture in the Senate: 71-29   (71%-29%)
The Senate version: 73-27   (73%-27%)
The Senate version, as voted on by the House: 289-126   (70%-30%)

By party

The original House version:
Democratic Party: 152-96   (61%-39%)
Republican Party: 138-34   (80%-20%)

Cloture in the Senate:
Democratic Party: 44-23   (66%-34%)
Republican Party: 27-6   (82%-18%)

The Senate version:
Democratic Party: 46-21   (69%-31%)
Republican Party: 27-6   (82%-18%)

The Senate version, voted on by the House:
Democratic Party: 153-91   (63%-37%)
Republican Party: 136-35   (80%-20%)

Compare these numbers to the unilateral imposition of unconstitutional one-party government we saw during the debate on ObamaCare.

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